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To promote interdisciplinary data exchange and consolidation and develop innovative application services, government agencies set data standards for various fields. By designating standard formats for data in the same field, government agencies can follow those standards when conducting interdisciplinary data exchanges, making data more easily read and consolidated. Thus, data flow, exchange, and users’ value-added applications can be made more convenient.

Introduction to the Platform

To aid all sectors in querying field data standards set by the government, the Ministry has built the "Government Data Standards Platform" (schema.gov.tw), which lists each field’s data standards in one place and gradually creates a more comprehensive environment for data flow and exchange. The platform’s main features are briefly described as follows:"
1. Front page: provides lists of mostly newly updated data standards, popular fields, and links to relevant websites.
2. Federated search: provides a keyword search for data standard lists or content from the Open Data Codes section.
3. Fields page: provides a list of fields with existing data standards and view tallies.
4. Schema List page: provides data standard detail, data standard verification, and URI download.
5. Government Data Code Section: provides government data code content and code data download.
6. API Service page: to facilitate system program access, the page provides various data standards’ property information such as update time, field, subject, category, data name, and data type in the machine-readable JSON format.