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  • 1. Click on API Service on the website.

  • 2. Connect to Schema API webpage.

  • 3. Schemas in a variety of fields are available to get.

  • 4. The framed blue buttons as picture below show callable APIs.
    Picture showing where to call schema API
  • 5. API brief description: To get details of fields, themes, categories and columns of each schema.

  • 6. Click on an API, and then click on “Try it out” on the right toand click on "Execute".
    Steps to call schema API
  • 7. The response will be shown as below, including code and response body.
    Results for calling schema API
  • 8. There are 3 types of codes:
    200 OK
    400 Bad Request: This might due to malformed request, including entering incorrectly or incompletely or data does not exist.
    500 Server Error (Internal)

  • 9. Response Body: The conversion table at the bottom of the website shows codes and context of each field.
    Conversion table shows codes and context of each field.