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To provide data users as a reference for interpreting data, it is recommended that there be chapters and content descriptions as follows, which can be adjusted according to the actual writing situation.

  • 1. Chapter 1: Purpose
    Explain the design purpose, operation mode, and application process framework of the schema.
  • 2. Chapter 2: Scope
    Describe the field of schema-theme-category description scope and future expansion.
  • 3. Chapter 3: Applications and Restrictions
    Explain the application occasions and applicable objects of the schema, the data production unit and reference to relevant domestic and foreign standards or regulations.
  • 4. Chapter 4: Characteristic Analysis
    Hierarchical analysis of overall category data attribute structure.
  • 5. Chapter 5: Application Outline
    The data attributes of the schemas are explained using the structure category diagram based on the characteristics analysis.
  • 6. Chapter 6: Data Book
    The contents of the schemas are listed in a table (item, Chinese name, English name, description, type, range, necessity, maximum occurrences, notes).
  • 7. Chapter 7: Coding Rules
    Code conversion requirements follow XML Schema or other.
  • 8. Chapter 8: Maintenance of Standard Setting Rights and Responsibilities
    Describe relevant contact information.
  • 9. Chapter 9: Appendix
    Data related instructions, code table, system data file attributes, preliminary review opinions, etc.